Dolls Profile: Kim Pesta

In this series, we profile one of our very lovely Dolls. We hope that you gain insight into the lives of other gals in Shanghai, and don’t be afraid to say hi!

Kim Pesta

Hi Kim! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? What brought you out to Shanghai?
I relocated to Shanghai from NYC in the spring of 2013 as a result of my husband’s job here. We live in the western part of the French Concession with our 1-year-old son and our dog. I am a chef – prior to moving to Shanghai I worked in restaurants in San Francisco and NYC. Since moving here I’ve been taking a break from full-time employment to study Mandarin, explore China, and hang with my little one.

What’s your favorite part about being in Shanghai?
My favorite part about being in Shanghai is that every day brings something unexpected and new (both good and bad). Being an expat here feels a little bit like going to college again – lots of new people, things to learn, and resources to help you get the most out of your experience.

What’s the best trip you’ve taken since you’ve been living in Asia?
The best trip in Asia was our trip to Palawan in the Philippines. Gorgeous beaches and lots of unblemished natural beauty.

What’s your favorite restaurant in Shanghai?
That is a tough question! I try to eschew frequenting a favorite place in favor of variety, and I like to cook at home. I recently had an excellent meal at Commune Social.

What’s your favorite thing to do on the weekends in our vibrant city?
I love to walk around different neighborhoods and parks. One of my favorite things about Shanghai is that people really use public spaces as extensions of their homes here. There are always loads of people working out, playing cards, sleeping, or just enjoying the outdoors and to me it makes the whole city feel like home.

Can you give any advice to our new girls in town?
I think the most important thing when you first arrive is to try and have positive expectations and look for the humor and novelty in situations. That sort of mindset really helps with the culture shock and somehow the city seems to give you what you expect to see. And when you have a crap day, which we all do, know that it will get better.


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