Our Favorite: SkinCity 5.5

In this series, we profile our favorite places around Shanghai to shop, get pampered, buy groceries, favorite eats and more. Where would we be if we didn’t share our ‘Shanghai finds’ with each other? We hope that in doing so, you’ll be introduced to maybe one or two new places that enhance your time here.

We all crave a facial once in a while, right? After a long week at work, heavy night or when the pollution takes it’s toll. But when faced with language barriers and a minefield of uncertainities such as water quality and product authenticity, one cannot be blamed for being a little hesitant when selecting which spa to use. If you haven’t found them yet, look up Skin City 5:5 on Dagu Lu. Not only are they the answer to all our facial prayers, they also enjoy the accolade of being #1 in ‘Spas and Wellness’ on TripAdvisor in Shanghai.

Michael Chan
Michael Chan
SkinCity 5.5

What is SkinCity 5.5? Give us the 4-1-1
“SkinCity 5.5 is a modern day spa, that focuses exclusively on skincare with international standards and techniques. In the bustling city of Shanghai, SkinCity 5.5 offers a place to relax, refresh and revive. The interior design is urban chic with a subway theme to match our concept of helping guests get to “Destination: Wellness.” Our facial treatments use Babor products from Germany, a 60-year-old brand known for using natural ingredients. No matter the climate, it is possible to have fantastic skin!”


What makes SkinCity unique in Shanghai?
“Skin City 5.5 is truly a one stop shop for all beauty treatments – we offer facials, massages, body treatments, nail and waxing services. We deliver and array of treatments for all skin types and conditions.

What makes us unique is that we are the first and only spa in Shanghai to use filtered, drinkable water for all treatments, making it healthy for both the skin and body. We take health and hygiene seriously and ensure the highest standard of hygiene, avoid cross-contamination and further infections; we use one-time-use medical lancets for extractions. We also use disposable materials for all our treatments (towels, gloves, brushes, bed sheets, spatulas, etc.).

In addition to our imported products for treatments, we are also have an ‘in-house’ trainer from Switzerland and our staff are bilingual.

And if that wasn’t enough, all services are catered for Women AND Men, including the facials.”


What’s your favorite treatment at SkinCity? What would you recommend the most for our girls?
“We have formulated very specific treatments for different skin types and conditions. One’s skin changes over time to adjust to climate, seasons, pollution, water quality, diet, stress and age. Our treatments start with a skin analysis and consultation. Inline with the concept of using the right treatment for the right skin type and condition, my favorite treatments change as my skin changes with my lifestyle and the climate of Shanghai.”

“Generally, I recommend using a combination of the following treatments to have clean, healthy and glowing skin:

• Spirulina Detox
• Regenerator
• Fresh O2 Oxygen
• Better Than Acid
• Glow Like a Star
• Diamond Microdermabrasion

I recommend that all the Shanghai Dolls come in for a free skin analysis and consultation.”


What would you be doing if you weren’t working with SkinCity?
“I enjoy the all the services offered by SkinCity 5.5 and use them all. It is one of the reasons I went from a customer to now an owner of SkinCity 5.5! Outside of SkinCity 5.5, I enjoy traveling.”

Dolls! If you want to enjoy any of the SkinCity 5.5 services, use code SHDOLLS – all members will receive 15% off facials, and 10% off on massages, nails and waxing.


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