Our favorite: Lizzy’s All Natural


What is Lizzy’s All Natural? Give us the 4-1-1 🙂

Lizzy’s All Natural is a superfood smoothie and healthy lifestyle company. I founded Lizzy’s in April 2014 based on the belief that food can be used as preventative medicine, and, simply put, when you eat better, you feel better. We make detoxifying, fresh smoothies, salads, soups, cleanse sets and snacks.


What made you decide to start Lizzy’s? Can you tell us a little about your background?

Sure! I’m a Holistic Health Coach and work with individuals and groups to help them achieve their health and life goals through an integrative nutrition approach. When I moved to Shanghai in 2013, I never dreamed I would be running a healthy smoothie company. I actually started out health coaching and also working with Kate & Kimi, Shanghai’s healthy online grocery store.

I grew up with three sisters in Connecticut, USA. For my family, cooking and eating has always been at the heart of our daily life. When I moved abroad after graduating from Georgetown University in DC, I missed my mom’s home cooking as well as being able to visit many of the healthy juice bars and restaurants back in the West. I would experiment with recipes to blend, bake or dehydrate my own taste-of-home healthy snacks and meals. Drinking green smoothies made me feel great and I often made them for my clients too. Serendipitously, Lizzy’s was born when requests for smoothies grew beyond that of a side passion project. I launched a line of around 30 smoothies on Kate & Kimi (www.kateandkimi.com) and popped up at school and farmers markets on the weekends. My goal is to help educate my generation about the healing powers of good, real food and to inspire positive choices.


What makes Lizzy’s unique in Shanghai?

There is a big fad right now to drink juice or do juice fasts, however I am a big fan of smoothies for several reasons. What’s the main differences? Smoothies are full of fiber, which is essential for our bodies to push out toxins, regulate blood sugar levels, and boost our digestive and immune systems.

When we go to a restaurant or juice bar to order a healthy-sounding drink, we don’t always ask where vegetables or fruits come from, or how they are grown or cleaned – this makes a huge difference. More often than not, we end up drinking juiced pesticides, bacteria or added sugars as well as greens and fruits. Yikes! With Lizzy’s, I am committed to using the cleanest, best quality ingredients and equipment I can find. For example, for our produce we’ve partnered with Gusto Fine Foods, a grower of specialty vegetables for China’s 5 Star hotels and restaurants. I wash I all fruits and veggies in an awesome eco-friendly vegetable scrub in specially filtered water. The superfoods I use are sourced from all over the world, but done so not just based on labels or claims like organic, but on trusted relationships with responsible suppliers and growers. Last point – I use glass bottles for all of the drinks, not only because it’s safer than the conventional chemical-leaching plastics out there, but because we can also reuse them – anyone can return their used bottles to us, or repurpose them as water bottles, flower bases, or salad dressing containers!


What is it about superfood blends that makes them such a good, healthy part of any diet?

Superfood smoothies are an extremely efficient (and delicious) source of nutrition because:

1) Superfoods offer the most bang for your nutritional buck – they have higher concentrations of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes than regular foods. For example, you could eat a few kilograms of your average vegetables or take one little powerhouse wheatgrass shot for the equivalent benefits. Some of my favorite superfoods are goji, avocado, cacao, chlorella and chia seeds.

2) My recipes are combined to offer your body the easiest and maximum absorption potential. Did you know that when you pair spinach with a citrus like lemon, your body will absorb the iron from the spinach to a much greater degree? Or the anti-cancer anti-alzheimer compound Curcurmin found in Turmeric root is more easily absorbed when you also eat black pepper? We’ve done the homework for you so you can simply enjoy a smoothie without worrying about how much of the “goodness” you are actually getting.

3) The blender does the chewing for you. Chewing is really the key to good digestion and to optimizing absorption of nutrients. We should actually be chewing each bite of our food at least 20-30 times, but most of us only chew 3-4 times per bite – so what we think we’re eating may not all end up available for use by our bodies.

What is your favorite Lizzy’s product? What would you recommend the most for our girls?

I’m currently addicted to a smoothie called the Basil Drop. It’s made with Avocado, house made Coconut Milk, Bee Pollen, Basil, Mango, Spinach, Pineapple and Lime. It’s really creamy like a milkshake (thanks to the healthy fat additions of coconut milk and avocado) and leaves me feeling full for several hours after drinking. Basil is a great digestive aid and the bee pollen, ridiculously high in enzymes, vitamins and a complete protein, is a hidden gem. The Basil Drop is a fantastic breakfast shake or afternoon pick-me-up.

Where can you find Lizzy’s? Lizzy’s flagship opened in May 2015, and is located in north Jing’an at Anken Life (667 Changhua Lu / Anyuan). Lizzy’s also recently opened a Pop-up shop at Canvas bar (39 Yongkang Lu / Jiashan) and they’ll be there for at least the next six months. For those that live a bit farther afield, Lizzy’s is also available on Kate & Kimi (www.kateandkimi.com) and at several fitness studios and cafes around the city. On a personal note, we love the shop at Anken Life – the warehouse in which it’s situated also houses a bunch of fitness studios like spinning, boxing, and Crossfit – we love getting our sweat on before grabbing a super smoothie!


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