Brunching and Go-Karting In Shanghai

We’ve truly come to love this place – this Shanghai of ours. Now if you’re new, or even if you’ve been here a while, it can still be a tough place to get to know, as it’s just so darn big and there’s so much to do and see, and it can be overwhelming (sometimes we don’t want to do anything, goddammit!) – so we figured we’d round up a few of our favorite things to do, either with a friend, loved one, or just on a lazy afternoon yourself.

Brunching – and there are so many options to choose from! You can always do a full-on classic brunch, like that at the Westin on the Bund. These hotel brunches, while fabulous, are going to run you quite a tab at the all-inclusive rate. Something to try with a good group of friends or when your fam comes to town 🙂

For those of us wanting a more low-key brunch that’s still amazing and will indulge our need for friends and a good bloody mary, we can recommend a few. If you’re in the mood for the best fried chicken and waffles you’ll ever have, you absolutely can’t miss The Public. Hands-down the biggest and best fried chicken. If you want a low-key brunch with a beer, we recommend Boxing Cat Brewery. Not as well known for brunch, we admit, but it is our go-to place for a low-key Sunday. For an all-around good brunch with every option you can think of, our last recommendation has to be Mr. Pancake. Can’t go wrong with this one – it has every American brunch item you could ask for.

For touring around town after your brunch, the classics will always remain a hit – like checking out the Bund when you’re feeling touristy. However, close on the Bund, we like doing afternoon drinks at The Cool Docks, or Bund Beach. It’s totally fake, with a plot of sand, but really, it can be quite fun and chill, checking out all the boats going by – on a sunny day, it’s great for just hanging out with your favorite people into the evening before you move somewhere for some good food.

Although it may sound cheesy and touristy, we also really like Shanghai Museum – it really is well put-together and they have some truly unique pieces. On a rainy day, it can be just the ticket to a lazy, wonderful afternoon.

Trying to impress a certain someone (even if it’s just your hubby)? Try taking them to Cages – a bar plus batting cages. They also show most major sporting events on their big screens. Another option might be Stampede Karting, a go-kart track – what’s not to like about that? Make him chase you, girls! Even better, take a group of your girlfriends and make it a girls night out 🙂 For a bit of a different afternoon, give Mr. X a try – this is a little different, but super interesting – basically, you get locked in a room with the friends you go with (or that certain someone) and have to figure out how to get out of the room based on clues (no phones). Kind of scary, but intensely fun too.

With that, we leave you to it! Go out and enjoy this adopted city of ours 🙂


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