Where We Eat: Kate & Kimi

What is Kate & Kimi? Can you tell us a little bit about it and it’s background, how it came to be? 

Kate & Kimi is an online grocery store that aims to serve the international community in Shanghai by providing better and safer food options. We were started by two moms, Katherine and Kimiko, who were tired of the food scandals, poisoned and mediocre produce offerings in Shanghai, and chased down a veggie supplier whom they could trust. Then they convinced that supplier, our Canadian Grower Farmer Richie to deliver directly to their homes and the homes of other moms in Shanghai.

Kate & Kimi flourished from that partnership. Even after Kate and Kimi repatriated, we kept on growing, because we know that providing traceable and honestly clean food is a must in Shanghai.

What makes Kate & Kimi unique in Shanghai? 

We are always seeking unique vendors who bring special flavors to your table. We have several partnerships – our amazing veggie supplier Gusto Fine Foods, who is the very backbone of K&K; our restaurant partner Blue Sky Kitchen who aims to be an awesome deli that can actually deliver on flavor and quality of ingredients; the local Chefs working with BSK to provide homey treats, from nut butters to foie gras, from baked goods to curries. We have Lizzy’s All Naturals whole selection of smoothies and cleanse sets to make you healthy. An exclusive vendor for fresh Salmon who has an amazing sustainable farm up in Chengdu. Our team is totally food-oriented and is always trying to make a difference in Shanghai by providing unique options.

You work with a lot of local farmers and food producers – we think that’s wonderful. What sort of things can they offer that others can’t? 

Love! Our local vendors started making food out of love, and because they wanted to share their passions with friends and like-minded food lovers. We just make sure to give them a platform to connect with more people, but the spirit of sharing those homemade recipes and flavors from home developed with so much feeling is still there.

What are a few of your favorite items you offer? What would you recommend our girls check out? 

I can’t live without Lizzy’s Cashew Vanilla milk, BSK’s Vavava Shroom – kale and mushroom salad, washed and cut veggies and BSK’s Chicken Meatballs. I really recommend taking a look at all of our Blue Sky Kitchen offerings. We are constantly growing that section and there are so many options to make your meal or party super easy!


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