IWD – STRIP & Browhaus: Barbara Jeanna Macatulad


Two of the most frequent questions we get asked is “Where can I get a good Bikini wax” and “Where can I get my eyebrows done?”  Fortunately,  the only places we recommend are situated side by side in the same stores throughout Shanghai. 

Hello Barbara, tell us a bit about yourself. 

While working as an investment banker, I invested in a resort spa in Boracay in the Philippines and gained a first insight into this attractive business.  I started with my own spa business when I moved to Shanghai in 2005. Afterwards, she decided to focus on more specialized and niche services. In 2009, I opened STRIP, the first concept hair removal salon in Shanghai, and Browhaus, the first salon dedicated to brows and lashes. The brand now has 12 outlets in Shanghai, and plans to open more in the next couple of years.

What is STRIP and Browhaus?  

STRIP, Ministry of Waxing – STRIP was founded in 2002 in Singapore as the first dedicated hair removal salon, offering waxing, semi-permanent hair removal, and specialty retail and after-care products.  STRIP opened its flagship store in Shanghai – its first in China – in 2009, in the former French Concession. The brand has quickly grown to 6 outlets in Shanghai at present, with several more currently under development in Shanghai and  other cities.
STRIP is now the world’s largest chain of specialty hair removal salons, with 46 outlets in nine major cities: New York, London, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Jakarta and Manila. We have also received 41 awards, the most number of awards for hair removal globally.

BROWHAUS, the brow salon – Opened in 2004 in Singapore, BROWHAUS was the first dedicated brow grooming salon. BROWHAUS offers a range of brow grooming services like threading, tweezing, tinting and semi-permanent make-up services, as well as a range of brow and lash care products and services.  BROWHAUS opened its doors in Shanghai in 2009, now with a total of 7 outlets so far – including one opening at the end of March 2016 inside the Sephora flagship store on Nanjing West Road.  BROWHAUS has garnered 13 global awards for excellence in brow services. The brand has successfully expanded to 36 outlets in eight cities worldwide with a brow raising presence in New York City, London, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Jakarta, Manila as well as Singapore.

Threading is extremely popular in the UK and US now, with ‘Brow bars’ appearing in almost every city and mall. You are quite unique in offering this service in Shanghai, what other services do you recommend to our subscribers? 

Without a doubt, we recommend our semi-permanent make-up services: Brow Resurrection to get the very natural looking brows you always wish you had, Eye Define for upper and lower eyeliner that never smudges, and Lip Define to define or correct lip shape and fill in color to achieve the perfect pout.  Semi-permanent make up is the perfect way to achieve the very trendy and much-coveted “no make-up make-up look” that is all the rage now. And not to mention the benefits of time saved as well as money saved on all the liners, brow pencils and lip liners that can be thrown away!

What advice would you give to any virgin waxers who are tempted, but worried it might hurt?

There will always be some level of discomfort, especially for first timers. But our exclusive, customized Chocolate Wax has received high praise from many customers for being much less painful than other conventional waxes. Also, our caring and experienced STRIP Waxperts can make your first waxing experience as comfortable as possible. Our STRIP Virgin Forest SOS Kit includes a Squeezy toy, an SOS card to answer all the questions you may have been afraid to ask, and customized products to relieve redness and ingrown hair. 

Why do you think you’ve been so successful in Shanghai?

We attribute the brand’s success thus far in Shanghai to several factors:

We work hard to earn — and maintain — our customers’ trust.  As specialists in our niche categories, STRIP and Browhaus have gained a reputation as the experts and professionals in their respective fields. Strip has waxed more than 3.5 million bushes and Browhaus has done more than 50,000 semi-permanent brows…needless to say, after  more than a dozen years in these specialty beauty businesses, we know what we are doing!  We have an unwavering dedication to pioneering industry standards for HSQ (Hygiene, Speed and Quality)  We provide a full experience, from customer pre-treatment and after-care consultation, with follow-up available from Customer Service Tea.
Fun, cheeky brand personalities and global accolades . The brands’ carefully-cultivated image for being creative, fun, and irreverent has resulted in a large and devoted following, from Singapore’s Orchard Road to London’s South Molton Street.  Our prior success with demanding global client base is proof of our dedication to world-class service excellence.  We have received numerous critical accolades from key beauty industry constituents. Globally, STRIP and Browhaus have collectively won over 50 international awards, including 3 awards in Shanghai.
Our STRIP Waxperts and Browhaus artists are the best in the business.  Our STRIP therapists are required to go through a rigorous 6-week training process, and more than 8 weeks for Browhaus therapists, before they are allowed to work on their first client. They are qualified annually to maintain our high standards, by ITEC-certified master trainers flown in from Singapore at least once a year.
We provide continuous service and product innovation.  We have a dedicated R&D Team whose sole purpose is to scour the world for the best products, the most advanced techniques, and the best equipment, so that we can ensure that we are always providing customers with the best treatments and products in the market.

Where can we find you? 

XIN LE OUTLET: 158 Xinle Lu (Between Donghu Lu and Xiangyang Lu) T 5403 0011

WU KANG OUTLET: Basement Level, Ferguson Lane 376 Wukang Lu (Between Hunan Lu and Tai’An Lu)
Browhaus: 5466 6156, Strip:5466 6155

WULUMUQI OUTLET: 84 Wulumuqi Zhong Lu (Between Changle Lu and Anfu Lu)
Browhaus: 6415 1623, Strip: 6415 1613

JOY CITY OUTLET: Room 617, Joy City Mall 166 Xizang Lu ( Near Qufu Lu)
Browhaus:  3639 7368, Strip: 3639 7366

REEL OUTLET: Room 403, Reel Mall 1601 West Nanjing Lu ( Near Changde Lu)
Browhaus: 6240 1506, Strip: 6240 1505

THE HUB OUTLET: Room 617, The Hub 688 Shenchang Lu (Near Zhouhong Lu)
Browhaus: 5449 0732, Strip: 5449 023


Do you have any tips or advice for our subscribers navigating the beauty world in Shanghai? 

Trust only the Experts.


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