Where We Train: Reebok CrossFit

Interview with Reebok Crossfit Me Wellness: Murat Erbaytan

Hi, Murat! We’re really interested in learning a little more about Reebok Crossfit as it’s a bit of an unorthodox workout method, but we know you see results in both guys and girls – can you give us the lowdown on what it’s all about? 

We opened Reebok CrossFit MeWellness in June 2013 and we were the first Reebok CrossFit gym in China.  CrossFit’s basic description is “constantly varied functional movement performed at high intensity”.  So, we try to avoid a routine or restricting workouts, and perform functional movements with intensity.  All the movements we perform in the gym are functional and will help to improve every physical aspect of your life.

In terms of what Men and Women get benefit from it: what we need and do in our daily life is exactly irrespective of whether you’re or female or male?  Both sexes need to lift things, run, jump and so on.  CrossFit  helps you to get stronger, faster and perform daily movements safely and with a high intensity.

crossfit 4

Why is this way of working out so effective?

Intensity is the key and routine is the enemy!  You see a lot of people on a treadmill for hours and for months.  Let’s be honest, we all ask why there is no change in the way they perform and look.

In CrossFit we focus on performing and getting better at everything including training and good nutrition.  It’s an overall strength and conditioning program. We try to become good at everything not specialize in one thing.  Performing all the movements with intensity helps us get results.

crossfit women

What are the benefits that you see with this type of workout? 

What we do in the gym really helps us to feel better and do things with more comfort in our daily lives and it’s amazing to see people gaining more confidence by getting fit.  We have members in the gym I thought they won’t return after their first session, but right now they are more flexible, stronger and faster than when they were when they first came. It’s amazing to see the changes in the way they walk, talk and try to help other beginners in and outside of the classes.

People always ask: “Is it going to get easier?”  I like to say “It won’t get easier, but you WILL get better at it.”


Do you recommend just doing Crossfit, or could you mix it up with say Spin, Boxing, or Yoga?

We always try to support our athletes to go out and mix it up. I personally think yoga is very beneficial for our athlete’s mobility and maintaining their flexibility to stay injury free.  That’s why we have 3 yoga classes a week focusing on what our athletes need. Shout out to Justis ( our yoga teacher) he is doing a great job!

At CF our rest days are always active rest, we don’t rest on the couch😉 we do some running, rowing swimming on our rest days.  So doing a spinning class, yoga or boxing once in a while is cool and fun. If you wanna achieve your goals CONSISTENCY is the key to success.

vanessa crossfit

Do you need to eat a certain way to benefit from Crossfit? I know we’ve heard a lot about Paleo, is that the only way to go?

There is definitely a benefit of eating a certain way and Paleo is one way to go. I like to stick with Zone diet when I’m getting ready for CF Open or getting ready for competitions.

I think the biggest mistake people make with their diet is the portion control.  Just because it’s Paleo – don’t eat 20 pieces of bacon and 1 kg of macadamia nuts!!  Portion control is key!

We try to encourage our athletes to eat real, fresh food. Stay away from the good with an expiry date on it.

“Eat meat and vegetables,some nuts and seeds, little starch no sugar” is the description we use .



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