Freezing in the Heat of July

Interview: Amanda at Cryo World

Hey girls! We’re right in the thick of it – the summer, that is. With sweltering temperatures and a sauna-like feel outside, we’re doing anything we can to keep cool. And we’ve discovered that there’s a neat trick that we never knew about, that’s not just going to the Cool Docks or your neighborhood hotel pool with all the screaming kiddos – it’s called cryotherapy. You literally freeze your ass off for 2 to 3 minutes, and walk out feeling tighter, lighter, and like you don’t live in a bathhouse. How about, instead of sweating it out, you freeze it off?

This was radical for us, so after talking to Amanda, owner of Cryo World, we gave it a try. And we can personally say that it’s about the most needed little break we’ve had. It was frigidly cold, to say the least – but after dancing around in our cryo-chamber for two minutes, we stepped out with so much more energy (so much so that when we told our husband about it, he may not have understood because of how excited and fast we were speaking). So for more info, read on as we break it down for you with Amanda!

1) Hi Amanda! We’re excited to learn more about Cryotherapy – we’ve heard about it before, but we don’t know much other than it sounds cold! Could you break it down for us? What is it, and what’s the process?

Cryotherapy is a completely natural way to reboot your body. And it gives immediate results. The use of cold temperatures prompt natural reactions in your body which ultimately reduce cellulite, boost collagen levels, tone skin and reduce fat. On top of that, most of our customers report improved sleep the night after a whole body cryo session.

At Cryo World we provide three services: whole body cryotherapy, local cryotherapy and the cryo facial. Because the air we use is devoid of moisture, it is actually very bearable – much easier than a cold shower. Your skin only needs to be exposed to the cold for three minutes to trigger a reaction. As a result cryotherapy has been adopted by Kate Moss (who treated Sadie Frost to a cryo session as a birthday treat), Jennifer Aniston (for its age defying effects) and also Daniel Craig when he was preparing for his role as James Bond. Unfortunately Daniel hasn’t stopped by our cryocentre yet, but I will be ready if he does!

2) What are the benefits to Cryotherapy?

Firstly lets deal with the skin benefits. When skin is exposed to these temperatures collagen production is boosted. As a result whole body cryo can help reduce cellulite, and the cryo facial smooths out fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, the body releases anti-inflammatories in response to the cold, which reduces inflammation all over the body (and inflammation is pretty much always a bad thing), which means that we see less redness and puffiness.

Then we have the fitness benefits. In response to the cold the body releases a chemical called norepinephrine. That has the effect of increasing the level of mitochondria that sit across our cells. These are the powerhouses of our bodies – more mitochondria means more aerobic capacity which means we can run further, punch harder or spin faster before we ‘gas out’.

We shouldn’t forget the mythical fat burning properties. To be clear – you don’t burn calories by shivering inside the cryosauna. Instead we see another benefits from norepinephrine which is the browning effect it has on our fat cells. At its simplest – brown fat burns calories and white fat stores calories. With multiple cryo sessions we increase the brown fat composition in our bodies – which results in a leaner frame.

What else? You’ll get a release of endorphins after a whole body session that will make you feel great immediately after your session. And a big majority report better sleep.

3) Now that we got the benefits, are there any downsides? 

Unfortunately it isn’t something you can easily replicate at home. Unless you are Cristiano Ronaldo or Kobe Bryant – both of whom had cryosaunas installed in their own homes! In all seriousness, you should build up gradually with the whole body treatments. We recommend that you start with two minutes and increase to three over a few sessions so you can see how your body reacts. Just as with the sun – everyone has a different tolerance level for the cold. It is one of the reasons we provide a special introductory price for new customers.

4) How many times would you need to do Cryotherapy to see results?

You will see results after a single session. Clearer skin after the facial, an energy buzz after the whole body and a reduction in inflammation from the local. However for lasting results you need 7 – 8 facials or 15 – 20 whole body sessions. Then you can take a break and just have a session every few weeks to keep topped up.

5) Anything we can do for our bodies to help Cryotherapy keep working and give our bodies a boost in this Shanghai summer pollution and heat?

You don’t need to do anything else to maximise the benefits. Cryo is a one stop shop! And believe me, there is no better place to be on a sultry Shanghai summers day than inside a cryosauna!

Hey Dolls – check out Cryo World’s WeChat QR code to see their menu and find out more, and don’t forget to check your email for our newsletter, which includes a great discount to Cryo World! They have two cryocentres for you to check out:

  • 667 Changhua Road, near Anyuan Road, Jing’An (opens from 0700 – 2130 Monday to Thursday, 0700 – 1930 on Friday and 0900 – 1800 at the weekend)
  • 3F, 150 Hubin Road, Xintiandi (opens from 1100 – 2130 from Monday to Saturday and 1100 – 1900 on Sunday)



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