What We Love: GillianAtAlize

Can you break down what the Gillian at Alize Salon is all about? Give us the 4-1-1 🙂 

GillianAtAlize is an environment that all Westerners and  Chinese can come and feel relaxed in,  because the staff are well trained to a European standard, and all our equipment and colors are imported and held to a very high standard. Our clients end up talking to each other and becoming friends. We use WeChat a lot to help people communicate and bring people together. We also like to teach our clients about hair, and about the water, and just educate them about their own hair because everyone’s hair is different. At the end of the day, you don’t just leave  with  fabulous hair, you leave with new friends, new knowledge about hair and the stresses on  it, and with that feeling that the best team has done your hair, the best quality products are in your hair, it all adds to the experience.

What makes this salon so unique in Shanghai?

I would say what makes the salon unique is my experience in Shanghai and dealing with color correction and the knowledge I have in color and cutting. All the staff go through European training. The KeraStraight team (from the United Kingdom) have been brought in to teach and train our staff in how to correctly apply keratin treatments to achieve maximum results. Everyone has adapted to Western and Chinese hair, training wise, and you know you will be  well cared for and looked after because the standard is so high.

What’s your favorite service? What would you recommend the most for our girls?

One of my favorite services to do is giving women hair extensions, because it truly transforms women, not just in appearance but with their confidence and attitude. A lot of women in Shanghai have suffered from hair loss due to poor quality water or because they don’t use a water filter, so I deal with many women with thinning hair or bald spots. Giving hair extensions really does transform people – that is one of my favorite services as you get to see such great results, but to be honest, I love and enjoy all of our services!

A service I’d recommend to all people would be a 30 Day Treatment because it’s   such   a   good deep   conditioning   treatment for all hair types. It’s a nice introduction to the KeraStraight products. We carry this range because I believe it’s one of the best hair care products out there, that has gone through British and Irish testing and certification, so I know there’s no  formaldehyde. With the 30-Day Treatment you can really see the difference in your hair because  it immediately adds keratin into the hair, which we lose a lot of naturally due to the pollution and water quality in Shanghai.

What is the best part about being in Shanghai?

The best part about being in Shanghai is how many different nationalities are here and how many people from different backgrounds I get to meet every day. I have the pleasure of  being in the company of  many, many different successful men and women. The people I get to meet are a highlight of my life in Shanghai, especially now that we offer new services, we’re getting a wider clientele base. We now do tanning, nails, eyelash extensions, waxing, laser, sports  massage  and massage therapy, and all of these services bring in people from all different backgrounds. Every client has a difference sense of color, style, elegance and I find it really interesting, which is why I love it!

Find out more about GillianAtAlize by scanning her QR Code below, or visit her salon!


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